Tow Truck Towing New ZealandAvailable Parts

Tow Truck Towing New ZealandAvailable Parts

Are you needing roadside assistance?

Trust Pro Fleet’s 24/7 towing services to help you when you need it most! Our team knows how important it is to keep all of your vehicles running, and you need a tow truck towing service that you can trust. This is why we offer a fast call-out service for both cars and machinery. Our team of skilled, professional mechanics can offer you 24/7 towing and breakdown services for cars and light commercial vehicles.

Tow Truck Near Me 24/7 Pro Fleet Truck Towing

Looking for a tow truck? Whether your vehicle has broken down, needs petrol or diesel or any other reason your vehicle might need towing, continue to support local businesses and choose Pro Fleet towing services. We have an extensive range of vehicles to assist in the transportation of your vehicle or machinery from point A to point B. Our Pro Fleet towing vehicles can handle any request, day or night. When you choose Pro Fleet Services, you will receive personalised service guided by a hands-on approach to our customers’ mechanical issues.

Tow Truck Towing

Other Services That Pro Fleet Offers

We have a range of services that we can offer you alongside our 24/7 truck towing assistance and roadside assistance. Each of our mobile mechanics brings notable expertise to every job, all for an excellent and competitive price. Our promise of efficiency to our clients is seen through every aspect of our business. We are guided by our values in all of our mechanical work. Even if something goes wrong, we will be truthful, held accountable, and we will work with you to find a solution.

Why Choose Pro Fleet Over Other 24/7 Towing Businesses?

We understand that car, machinery and truck troubles usually happen outside of business hours, which is why we offer this 24/7 service. Just get in touch with us, and our tow trucks will make their way out to you. Our services will arrive out to where you are fast and you can trust that our experienced towing and service team will treat your vehicle with the highest quality care your car could receive. Our company is always ready to assist you and are adamant about servicing your truck, car or machinery so it can be road-worthy in no time at all!

Mechanical Repairs in Feilding

The other services we offer to everyone are services like mechanical repairs, AA authorised vehicle inspection, car services and many more. Whether you need help with gearboxes, radiators, the clutch, transmission, engine, or something else entirely, our team have the skills to tend to your needs. At Pro Fleet Services, we are committed to continuous innovation to keep pace with our customers’ ever-changing needs. As the most advanced machinery and mechanics in Feilding, we employ the latest diagnostics and scanning tools to obtain specialised technical data.

Locally Owned and Operated in New Zealand

We are locally owned and operated in Fielding, offering the best breakdown services to our customers no matter the time of day. Whether your car is on the road or if another vehicle is at work, we can help in towing vehicles away for you. Pro Fleet services can take your vehicle to any address within the Fielding area, and we can take it back to our service shop if it requires work that could not be done during the roadside assistance.

Roadside Assistance? Towing? Contact Pro Fleet Services

Would you like to call about truck towing, would you like to know more about our AA authorised mechanics, or do you have any enquiries about our services? Simply go to our contact page to fill out the contact form. If you would like to fill out a credit form or apply for a company credit setup, simply get in touch with our friendly service team today. When you choose to work with Pro Fleet, you are choosing the most reliable servicing business and truck towing service in Fielding. We would be happy to assist you with your vehicle issues.

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